Gold Digger : Record Store at Cubao X

    It hasn't been that long since I bought my Dick Smith turntable at a local thrift shop here in Manila, after that I did a lot of research about where to buy affordable and good quality Long Playing records. One that pops out a lot is this record store located at Cubao Expo called Gold Digger. 
Definition of Gold Digger
noun:  a person who seeks or digs gold at a gold field.
This place is truly a gold mine hidden in the city .

       Lots of crates of Records is being displayed with different genres you could chooses from. Most of their Vinyl would cost around Php200.00 up to Php 4,000++ . If you will dig hard you would find LP's that would cost Php100.00 in a very good condition (definitely a good score)
"I got this Galaxy 500 album by Fetchin Bones for only Php500.00"
     Everything you need for your turntable they also have it, Matt pads, Stylus, Cleaner and other accessories  they have it, of course you could also buy a Turntable from them. The second floor of the store was a clothing line section which I wasn't able to visit because I was really busy digging.


     I came to visit the store with some friends hoping that I could also rub off some old soulness (if that is even a word) and glad that they also love the place good hangout place to talk about throwback songs that made you cry and giggle during your era. Oohhh!! and take note you have to eat a lot before going because you will surely be doing a lot of digging and squatting  and it's really exhausting.  

     Awaken your inner Hipster soul and get lost in the world of music and beats you will surely love and enjoy the place like we did. If you are planning to drop by the store here are some information's for you
Address :
Cubao Expo, 3 General Romulo Avenue, Cubao, Quezon city Philippines
Gold Digger
Store Hours:
Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Saturday : 0100pm - 0900pm
Sunday : 1200pm - 0800pm
Contact no.
H A P P Y   D I G G I N G ! ! !

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