Bengal Brew & Wolf and Bear ( A Cat and Dog Kafe)

     Lot's of animal themed café are popping out everywhere nowadays, but most of the time it's only a Cat café or a Dog café but don't you fret yet my fellow furry friendly folks if you are the same like if you happen to love both species and waste of their time which one to visit first. Situated Manhattan Parkview at Araneta Center, Quezon city just behind Gateway mall you will find Bengal Brew & Wolf and Bear Café here you will get the best of both worlds.  

  This is where the fun part starts, upon entering the Café you will be greeted by these two big furry white Samoyed (if my memory serves me right)
     If it's your first time visiting the place you have to register first to be a member , membership fee is only Php100.00 valid for a year it comes with free pastry on your next visit or  you could also have it on the spot, then you will be asked to read and sign a waiver for Assumption of risk and Indemnity agreement. If you are planning on bringing your kids you should be aware of the risk you and your child will be dealing since they are culturing live animals and we are talking about large sizes. Once fulfilling the membership process you could choose how long you will be staying, Yes! you could only stay for a limited time but this is quite understandable since the activity area of the pets occupy more space than the dining area this is part of their crowd control measure. In our case we did get the maximum 2hours time allotment since we have a lot of time to spare, it would cost you Php299.00 + premium drinks in their menu. 
    Once you have ordered your drinks and pastry you will be guided to a little  sanitizing area, before entering the Cat and Dog area (both areas are separated by a glass door if you ask) you have to remove you shoes or flip-flops, you have to keep your socks worn all the time ,if you are not wearing any you could purchase a pair for Php50.00, they will also lend you a pair of slip- on which is very comfortable. 
Welcome to the land of Felines!
     Who wouldn't get attracted with those round charming eyes?
     This is the first time we are so glad that we got lost and found this place at least.
     (L-R) My Friend Dora , Ate Sarah, and a very rare photo of Me
     They have a tree place they could jump around and a small fountain installed in the cat zone.
     "Shut - up !! Humans I'm trying to sleep here!"
     Just right next door is the Big Furry Canines, If you happen to be a fan of Game of Thrones their Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are named after the Dire wolves. Wolf and Bear is Bigger than the Bengal's area they have a mezzanine floor where the dining area is. The Upper floor is have an activity area for the smaller size pooch.
      "When Life hits you hard you doze off harder"

     Two of my favorite Grey wind and Ghost
  Exclusive Privileges for members:
  • FREE pass on your Birth month ( with at least 1 paying guest)
  • Free pass when you enlist 2 new members
 Manhattan Parkview, General Malvar Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila
Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

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