Flossom Kitchen + Cafe : A Delightful Comfort Place


    It has been long overdue that I updated my places to eat in the Metro , since I got busy with work and some personal stuffs. I finally got the chance to visit this really warm and eye friendly café Flossom Kitchen + Café located at Flossom place, 187 N.  Averilla Street , Greater San Juan, San Juan City.  

   The place opened last November 2017 , and became another hangout place for those adventurous and tingling taste buds. Once entering the Café you will be welcomed by a very comforting sensation. Dining space is very well lightened due to big window panes and warm mood lights, you will also see Flowers and Foliage in every corner of the café, ceiling is also accentuated with Foliage and Globe balls which gives off a very refreshing ambiance.


     Not only the aesthetic is commendable but also the food of course , it might be a little bit pricey but surely worth it, they give big servings  , dishes at the same time looks good and tastes good. I tried their Crispy pork belly and Mommy B's Iced tea.

 Flossom Kitchen + Café can also host for your Private event , they have a private dining area which can handle 20 - 25 Pax while the whole café can accommodate up to 70 pax.



If you want to know their packages or want to book for your private event you may reach them through their following accounts and contact number below.
Flossom Place N. Averilla St. Brgy. Sta Lucia, San Juan City
+02 356 6900
you may also check out their social media accounts
~ H A P P Y   E A T S ~

The Walled City in the Metro

Sir Tony and Me
     Lately I have been active learning Film Photography either through articles and YouTube videos, luckily I met Sir Tony Rivera a senior in Film Photography in a Facebook group called Minolta shooters Ph, he was so kind to invite me for a photowalk session around the walled city " Intramuros" one of the Historical Tourist spot in the Metro and I think one of the best places to go for Professional and Hobby Photographers, every nook and turns within the walled city is interesting.
     Too bad that the camera I brought with me is a Yashica electro 35 gsn , it doesn't have a full settings of a manual camera, so I didn't get a full lesson from Sir tony, next time for sure I'll bring my Minolta srt 101 to have a fully understanding of how to around and techniques in shooting film. I also usually shoot in colored films and this is the first time I shoot in black and white using Fuji acros 100 , didn't know what to expect and everything is quite new to me , so I just walked around and started looking for my subjects.
     This is a little library in front of Manila Cathedral  


What you will see around Intramuros (a lot of old buildings)



My favorite shot of all (^w^) v

here you will also get to ride old Victorian style transpo (Kalesa)

was trying to take a photo of the crucifix  (how I first took photo of the subject)
and then here's the photo after Sir Tony's directions (>w<)
The Main gate to Fort Santiago , a citadel built near the Pasig river,  one of the Main attractions for tourists in Intramuros.

tourists enjoying the Pasig river view at Fort Santiago 


Students having their lunch under the shades of trees ( too bad that the shadow is too strong)
Manila Cathedral known as the Mother of all Churches, Cathedrals and  Basilicas in the Philippines

      No doubt that walking around historical places educates you, it also gives off that relaxing vibe and at the same time every corner is a masterpiece that could give you ideas and motivation for your next artworks. 



     Art Fair Philippines was founded in 2013, and I'm already in my 3rd year being present this 2018 surrounded by creative people these past couple of years surely makes me vigorous in learning more about the Art scene and Art Fair Philippines is the go to event to  witness the modern and contemporary Philippine visual arts, this year Art Fair Philippines 2018 is held like the previous once at The Link Ayala Center Makati City last March 1-4, 2018.
(L-R) Inna, Aira and Me

     Like most of the Galleries and Art Exhibits Locally and Internationally, there are some Etiquettes that needs, to be followed, below are the things that you have to keep in mind while in the premises
  1. Do not touch the artworks, look with your eyes and not with your hands.
  2. Take few steps back before viewing any art. Standing too close to the artwork may cause potential damage or obstruct the view of others.
  3. Avoid bringing large, heavy, bulky bags and backpacks. Visitors will be asked to check in any objects that may cause damages to any of the artworks that is being exhibited, they do have a Bag Deposit area.
  4. Photography is permitted but make sure that your cameras flash is turned off.
  5. Leave your foods and drink outside of fair grounds.
    These are just few but very important guidelines so that you could fully enjoy and maximize your Artfair experience.  


     This Year I have met Photographer Mr. Neal Oshima, his photos left a very fascinating and motivating impact on me , he has spent more than 4 decades photographing indigenous tribes and traditions, with the medium of Digital and Film photography and the belief that cultural practices are best revealed through the nuances of a photograph. 
      "Kin" which Mr. Oshima exhibited is a product of  years of fieldwork in the most indigenous places across Philippines documenting the Austronesians  distinct from the Malay or the Aeta racial groups.
with Mr. Neal Oshima

Weaver's Hands, Mindanao 2014

One Hundred and Seventy-Six Bukidnon Baes and Datus, Mindanao 2013

      Another Striking and at the same time Haunting exhibit is  called "Ang Mga Walang Pangalan'' which translates to Those who have No Names. Curated by Erwin Romulo photography by Carlo Gabuco , music by Juan Miguel Sobrepeña, soundsystem design by Mark Laccay and Lighting design by Lyle Sacris.
     The exhibit highlighted the aftershock of our current President's war on drugs. We have entered a very dimmed room with few hanging warm lights and eerie music to set the mood at the left side of the rooms showcased the photographs of Carlo Gabuco "Everyday Impunity'' and at the center of the room is single blue armed chair with a speaker directly installed above the chair. Once you have settled on the chair voice of Christine a twelve year-old from Payatas will start narrating how her was hunted down and being one of the victims of EJK or Extra Judicial Killings. The blue chair is also the actual chair were Christine's Father was shot so the chair was tainted with a single bullet hole.

     Truly Art Fair Philippines brings us unique artworks of our various local artist here are more of the artworks that was exhibited this year.

Reen Barrera's "Ohlala"
Mixed Media at the Vinyl on Vinyl booth

Nilo Ilarde's
"The art fair is full of objects, more or less interesting;
I wish to add 24,124 more"

  and more captivating artworks....
Johnny Alcazaren
Rinse, repeat yourself , rinse...
 Michelline Syjuco  from the series "Revelation" 2018
Oil on Marine Plywood

 Two people standing still 2017 by Chisato Tanaka
Oil, acrylic on canvas

 Anton Del Castillo "Iniquity Within" 2018
High relief fiberglass resin

 Norberto Roldan " The Pretenders (Marlon Brando- Eva Marie Saint) 2015
oil and acrylic on canvas

 Isabel Diaz "Breeder's Dream" 2018
oil on canvas

Ferdinand Cacino
"Passion to be a Ballerina" 2018
welded Brass

Maya Hewitt (U.K.)
Implanted Memories 2017
oil , acrylic and charcoal on canvas


     I'm already excited and can't wait for next year exhibits thinking that there will be more interactive art pieces, if you haven't been into any Art Fair Philippines event make sure that you don't miss the upcoming one.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe : A Delightful Comfort Place

        It has been long overdue that I updated my places to eat in the Metro , since I got busy with work and some personal stuffs....