Modern Flower Girl


     Here's a little project I did trying to make non - model a model for a day. I started of with our intern for floral Department (that's why I turned her into a flower girl) quite surprise on how some people are like born to be models.  

Name : Mary Joudette Canaya
Birthday: February 18, 2017
Height : 5'6''
Nationality : Filipino
Hobby(ies): I tend to get stressed a  lot so drinking coffee has always been one of my activity.,  I also love to cook and eat with my Hubby,
Blood Type : B
University: LPU - Cavite
Major: Hotel and Restaurant Administration

What are your plans after Graduating?
     ~ To be employed and find the right career that will mold me to be the successful person I am aiming to be.
What is your fondest memory of being a student?
     ~ pretty much a normal student I hangout a lot with my friends, Thesis also gave me a very good one, all those sleepless nights and defending it to your professors.
Any Incident that you want your friends to forget? 
     ~ Let's not discuss on those kind of things I also want to bury it in the ground  


Do you have a personal Mantra which you can impart with your fellow Millennial?

     ~Aim for your goal and never give up until you achieve it.

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