Vinyl Report: Interpol - El Pintor

     My second Vinyl record album to review is Interpol's - El Pintor (the Painter)., it is their fifth released studio album under Matador Records last 2014. Band is well known for their Mellow rock structured Intros to heart beat raising bridges style, so far with all of their albums this is their peak. El Pintor is also the band's first album without their bassist Carlos Dengler who departed last 2010 after the release of their fourth album "Interpol".

      Personally my favorite among the title tracks included in the album is their song " All the Rage back Home". It starts off with the soothing vocals of Paul Banks which is like when you are listening through your earphones he is like actually whispering to you. Song is about how a man struggles dealing with the chaotic and violent nature of our world. I also love how the song slowly build up it's pressure and drop it again on their second verse, you have to give this album a try and surely you will be shook.    
1."All the Rage Back Home"
2."My Desire"
4."Same Town, New Story"
5."My Blue Supreme"
6."Everything Is Wrong"
7."Breaker 1"
8."Ancient Ways"
9."Tidal Wave"
10."Twice as Hard"

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