Vinyl 1 : DIIV - Is the Is Are


     I just recently got into collecting Vinyl and this American Rock Band started it all. DIIV (Dive) is an American Indie  Rock Band from Brooklyn New York City. I got to listen to their 2nd album first which is "Is the Is Are" released last February 5,2016, but will also definitely check out their debut album Oshin.  I got this vinyl online in a community of record and turntable enthusiasts they have a Facebook page called Vinyl Open Trade Manila.   

     Aside from the awesome artistic cover page it also contains a total of 17 awesome lyrical content and my favorite of all the songs is HEALTHY MOON , mixing soft metallic guitars and slow paced rhythm is really what I crave for. Give this band a shot and you will thank me for telling you so.
  1. Out of Mind
  2. Under the Sun
  3. Bent (Roi's song)
  4. Dopamine
  5. Blue Boredome (Sky's song featuring Sky Ferreira)
  6. Valentine
  7. Yr Not Far
  8. Take your time
  9. Is the Is Are
  10. Mire (Grant's song)
  11. Incarnate Devil
  12. Fuck
  13. Healthy Moon
  14. Loose Ends
  15. Napa
  16. Dust
  17. Waste of Breath

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