Bliss in the Eccentric


     Summer is always fun, you get to see the Blue sky, warm breeze and have your skin toasted under the Sun. Going to the beach during summer is not always an option, dipping in the lake or a river is also nice, camping in a preserved forest were you can do Bon fires and S'mores (oh gawd how I really love them S'mores) but for me and my friends, being locked out of the house on a scorching afternoon was to our surprise is also a good idea of a summer get away. 
     It just happened that we are on our way to my friend Debbie's house ( if you see the pictures below she is wearing a black and white stripped shirt with a Mickey mouse print on it). Unfortunately she doesn't have her keys to their house with her, and her parents are having their afternoon siesta , so we have to wait for them to wake up. Good thing they have tall tress and lots of plants  at their garden so it wasn't that hot outside, then  I thought of a doing a little photo op to kill time and this is what happened.

     I tried my best to take their photos as candid as it can be to make it look so chill and effortless , it is not my personality to think so much. I'm also glad that these two girls are always game for any gnarly poses.

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