The Vintage is becoming the Mainstream : SATCHMI

The Kids have turned the Table
     It was a Friday Afternoon that me and Dora a great friend of mine decided to go out to grab some food and have a good walk and some catching up to do since we were both so busy with our lives. Then I remember another friend who is actually also my boss told me that there is this awesome coffee shop/record store at 4th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall complex called Satchmi. Upon entering the café it will transport you back to the old cafes in Brooklyn just like what we see in the Movies and what you imagined in one of the romance novel books you have read, from the red blocks décor on the wall and dimmed warm lighting it really gives off a different vibe compared to the other cafes in town. Wander your eyes and feast your inner Hipster with their vintage displays, vinyl's everywhere, old photographs, old radios, turntables, analog cameras, and earth friendly handcrafted items.  


      Millennial's have taken the word THROWBACK very seriously. A lot of out dated, Vintage things really looks cool for the kids these days and slowly they are coming back into the scene, one of them is the turntables or Vinyl player. For anyone who doesn't know a turntable according to my buddy Wikipedia a '' Turntable" is a rotating platform of a phonograph a.k.a record player. 

    Thanks to Satchmi they have revived which is once slumbering , their goal is to bring the nostalgia back to life.  

     At Satchmi you can get a good combo of Eats and Beats, now who wouldn't want that? , while you are munching on your flavorful treat with the seductive aroma of coffee beans circulating the store combined with the soft music playing in the air it will really make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

     Different genres vinyl arranged  in the wooden shelves. One thing that really captured me was the packaging of the plastic discs,  front covers are very artistically made that you could instantly paste them on a white blank wall and in a moment it will transform into a colorful mural.

        They also have two small listening room where you can experience listening and operating their turntables, sadly we couldn't try it cause there were people already inside the booth and other people waiting for their turn. 

 More Random Photos from the Store

    Visit their store  at the 4th floor Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall Complex, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines, operating hours are from Monday - Sunday : 10am to 9pm, you could also visit their Website/online shop  to check their available items and latest updates. Follow them at IG : satchmiteam , for further queries you can reach them at (02) 401-6905. 
- May the Soul of Music be with you -

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