My Analog Life

The Shutter sound and Rewind Lever
     A part of being born in the Digital Era I still like shooting photographs in the old school way. After watching this old Japanese movie entitled "Heavenly Forest" which you guys have to really watch, I have no intention of telling a little hint on how the story goes so you should see it for yourself (you can thank me later teehee) so because of this movie I picked up my first film camera , I got it for $5 at a little thrift shop in Singapore and it's a Nikon AF2, a 35mm point and shoot camera, though I'm really not sure what attracted me to shoot analog aside from the crisp shutter sound when you try to click the shutter button when taking photographs and rewinding the film when the frames are all used up in my head I just look cool like that.
     Now I am using an old Minolta srt 101 also a 35mm film camera, it's quite heavy but a tank when it comes to durability. The challenging part is that from changing the automatic Nikon AF2 to the manual Minolta srt 101, I have to set all the settings myself  from the shutter speed, to IOS  there were also days when I forget what type of film I have installed in my camera so I just tend to play with and you will be surely surprise with the outcome, all I have learned from watching Youtube tutorial videos though I still suck in shooting film. I just live by the saying of "Your first 10,000 are the worst" and that keeps me going until I reach 10,001 maybe that will be worst to worse at least it a level better than the other.
I'll just share some of the Photos I took with my first roll
Nikon AF 2 / Expired Fuji c200 film

Nikon AF 2 / Red Scale Lomography 35mm film

Nikon AF2 / Red scale Lomography 35mm film

Nikon AF2 / Expired Fujifilm c200 film

Nikon AF2 / 35mm lomography film

Minolta srt 101/ 35mm Fuji c200 film

NIkon AF2/ Red scale lomography 35mm film

Nikon AF2 / Red Scale Lomography 35mm film

Minolta srt 101 / Fuji c200 3mm film

Minolta srt 101 / Fuji c200 3mm film

Minolta srt 101 / Fuji c200 3mm film

Minolta srt 101 / Fuji c200 3mm film

Minolta srt 101 / Fuji c200 3mm film

     I hope I could inspire some people out there and not forget from where it all started and try to experience shooting film. 
~No Hatin , Just Lovin~

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