Buku.Buku Kafe / Ayala Mall District Imus

Grab a Book, Grab a Bite

     There is not much of concept restaurant/café from where I am residing. Recently my eyes  gazed through one of the Ayala Property mall "The District Mall" Located  in Imus Cavite along Aguinaldo Highway. The Brand name of the Coffee Shop is quite catchy as well "Buku.Buku Kafe" which is a Bahasa term for many many books the name reflects the literature and art inside the café and the Southeast Asian flavors that influence Buku-Buku's menu.
     Upon entering the Café you will instantly feel the very cozy ambiance, Dim lighted plus natural lighting , the aroma of coffee beans is all over the place, and who wouldn't love artistic decors? 

      Foods being served is a fusion of Filipino and Malaysian delicacies. I ordered their Longanisa Slizer which is very flavorful and it is served a Fried crispy Banana chips on the side, and I got Milo Dinosaur  to quench my thirst they used Chocó cereals for it's toppings,  I used to drink it a lot while I was still in SG with my friends.

Cupcakes, Cookies, Breads and cakes are also available

     There's a bookshelf at the farthest end of the shop where you can choose to read while waiting for your order or just want to pass time by yourself, they have wide selection of reads from Biography, Science, Coffee table books, Photography and other art books and also Novels. Just make sure to respect their books and have it returned properly to shelves after reading it.

      Their Community Board where you can post all your Suggestions and even your Hugots which you have been caring deep inside you for a long time.  

     You can also borrow their Board games. They also do have items being displayed which you can purchase. Handcrafted by local artist. 

     My Favorite part of the café is their ceiling. It has a very structured lighting and books hanged they are like a pattern of constellations to me.

Other Activities:
  • On a Friday night they do have an open mic event for those who wants to recite their written  Poem.  Busking from local bands/singers
  • Weekends they promote Art Workshops like Calligraphy and Paper cutting see their Instagram: buku.bukukafe  and Facebook page : Buku-Buku Kafe for more details.
Location : The District Ayala Mall Imus ( along Aguinaldo Highway)
Operating Hours : Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 10:30pm
Contact No. : (046)543-0048

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