Makopa Foundation : Helping out the Community

      It has become a habit for us to read the Broadsheet delivered into our doorsteps while having our coffee or hot cocoa , or watch the morning daily news on TV though it seldom contains something uplifting. It's always has been about the Global Crisis sadly it's our current reality. So I'm sharing this little something that could help you hoist your Humanity and start a little movement of your own.
     A friend of mine "TP Gabris" started Makopa Foundation (a Non- profit Organization) together  with her partner Miguel with a capital of Php5,000.00 donated by Miguel's aunt which was supposedly a budget for a despedida party but the latter suggested it was too much  and instead give it to someone in need, so the thought of organizing a feeding program transpired, they have shared the idea to other family members and close friends to ask them for help to push through the Idea. Donations started flooding in from used clothes, Blankets, Raw ingredients and other in kinds, then they have decided to keep the Php5,000.00 budget for their next and future projects since they have produced enough for the current project they were working on. Some close friends also volunteered to help in cooking and packing foods that will be given to the community. Chosen area for the first feeding program was Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan (DBB) it is the largest resettlement area in the country established by the letter of Instruction No. 19 of the former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1975. The movement started from Dasma Bayan (town proper) , Kadiwa , Paliparan ,GMA, Burol and Salitran. Packed meals and clothes was handed out to the spotted homeless and selected community.

Makopa Foundation 2nd Movement

     Visited Langkaan Elementary School Dasmariñas Cavite , to deliver school supplies, slippers , and meals to selected students.

Founders Miguel and TP with the selected students of Langkaan Elementary School

     Latest project of the Foundation was held last November 19, 2017 together with help of some College friends and other Donators. Goal was to hand out packed meals and clothes at the coastal area from Naic , Tanza , Ternate and Maragondon"

L - R ( Volunteers: Mich , Eric , Jamie , Dhora , Charina , Charm , Kat , Founders: TP and Miguel)


 "Our main goal was to make people happy when we started out the Foundation. It deeply saddened us every time we see old folks still doing their hardest to provide for their family even though their main income comes from collecting garbage's, because of that they were neglected by the society and no one tries to approach them. When you are outside volunteering in the field you will sincerely feel both Pain and Happiness. Pain thinking that what would happen to them if they are completely forgotten by the Society and Happy when they give you those precious smile even though what we have given them was only a day supply of food, through these programs we realize that our main purpose in life as a Human being and part of the Circle was to share Love, Harmony and Compassion hoping that our simple acts could make a change that would reach and encourage other people to join our movement."

                                                                                    ~ TP & Miguel

     Most of the areas visited by Makopa Foundation are mostly situated in the Rural areas of Calabarzon Region IV-A , If you would love to join movement or donate any in kinds you can drop a message through their Facebook page through this link : Makopa Foundation


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