The Art of Kindness

Art Exhibit for a Cause
     One of the topics and challenges our Government still facing besides the Drug war and Terrorism is saving our Eco- system. Our country the Philippines is known to be gifted with pristine body of waters, lush and green landscapes, and unique flora and faunas, being a viral part of our living it is our duty to keep it un-harmed and reproducing for the next coming generations. 

     Act of Kindness (AOK) partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Solaire Resort and Casino and came up with the Art of Kindness: Exhibit for a Cause, they have collaborated with selected Filipino artist who also share the Vision and Mission to protect our environment, they showcased their own unique artworks with the theme of "Nature" for them to be able to encourage more people to join the movement. 
Patrick Cabral 



Kevin Sabino

Wilfredo L. Rufon Sr.


     Visit the Gallery section of Solaire Resort and Casino and witness for yourself the artworks of our own local artists Patrick Cabral, Galaxie Maria Del Fino, Juan Elani Tulas, Kevin Sabino, Maria Frances Eugenio , Hiedeliza Ocampo Magsino, and Wilfredo Rufon Sr.

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